How We Buy Diamonds

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Marietta Diamond Buyers takes great care when inspecting and evaluating your diamond for purchase. Inspections and evaluations are made in front of you in a warm, friendly environment.

• Since we are professional and experienced diamond buyers, we will never take your stone out of the setting.

• Your diamond will never leave your sight.

• We have you help us with each step of the evaluation and color matching.

• Once your diamond is fully evaluated, we use the latest world market diamond pricing to provide you with a bonafide offer.

When you accept our offer, we will provide immediate payment with a Bank of America check.

Schedule Your Diamond Evaluation

Prior to scheduling your diamond evaluation with us, please locate all paperwork and certifications connected to your diamond. A diamond certified by the Gemological Institute of America, GIA, will command a higher offer than a diamond that is not certified or if paperwork is lost.  So, taking some time to location these important documents may mean additional money for you.

To schedule your diamond evaluation with us, please call us at our Marietta location, 770-218-9187.  The person scheduling your evaluation will inquire whether your stone is loose or mounted, the cut, size or weight, color, and clarity of your diamond, the brand (such as Tiffany & Company Diamonds), and the best time for you to meet with Chris Nuzum, our diamond buyer.

Diamond Cuts and Sizes We Purchase

Although diamonds are precious stones, we currently only purchase diamonds that are larger than a half a carat (.50ct) in one stone.  Pave or groups of diamond chips do not command pricing other than their weight in gold.

We purchase the following diamond cuts or shapes:

  • Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds
  • Princess, Square or Rectangular Cut Diamonds
  • Emerald Cut Diamonds
  • Asscher Cut Diamonds
  • Oval Cut Diamonds
  • Radiant Cut Diamonds
  • Pear Cut Diamonds
  • Heart Shape Diamonds
  • Cushion Cut Diamonds
  • Marquise Cut Diamonds

Call Marietta Diamond Buyers today, 770-218-9187.

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